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Curt Kuiper

A strategic coach and business development expert, Curt Kuiper has a proven ability to help his clients clarify what’s most important to them, define powerful goals, and align themselves with the environment and resources needed to achieve them.

Having started his career in religious non-profit leadership with an advanced degree in educational ministry, Curt made a move into for-profit in 2009 when he co-founded a successful tech-startup. After the sale of his business, he began consulting with small businesses. He was hired on by one of his clients, Grey Matter Group (a nationally-recognized marketing and branding agency) where he led new business development and secured as clients multiple well-known brands. In 2017, he accepted an offer to manage a local brokerage associated with a national franchise, and quickly earned a reputation as a person of integrity committed to hard work, ethical business building, and valuing relationships above transactions. He found better alignment of his values and greater confidence in the full-service offering with BHHS and, after earning his own sales license, accepted a management position at the Beltline Campus in the summer of 2018. 

Along with coaching and consulting Beltline agents, Curt is passionate about making a difference in the larger real estate community. Working alongside Bill Pearl, Director of Training, he has already helped create a Business Planning Workshop open to all agents. He considers his most important contribution, however, to be the conversations he has with non-BHHS agents who are seeking greater alignment between their life and business and have yet to discover the advantages of BHHS’s full-service approach.

Curt knows that realtors in West Michigan are sick of traditional recruiting tactics that dishonor agents by seeing them primarily as financial assets to be gained rather than people to be served. For that reason, he has established for himself tenants of recruiting he would be happy to share with anyone he meets. His most important tenant is his commitment to always tell the truth, even if it means parting ways.

Why meet with Curt Kuiper?

  • You’re seeking a deeper level of insight for yourself and for your business.
  • You want to strengthen your overall satisfaction in life.
  • You’re not convinced that more money will make your life better but are not opposed to optimizing your profits and/or efficiency so you’re able to live more intentionally.
  • You’re not interested in pressure but willing to hear honest feedback and be taken seriously as a professional
  • You’ve yet to explore how the full-service approach of BHHS could impact your business and life.
  • Your current manager doesn’t invest in you and/or your current environment doesn’t bring out your best
  • Curt offers both clients and candidates exceptional professional service, absolute confidentiality, and the most ethical values.