Is fear keeping you from success?

Worried you’ll biff it this year?


Over lunch this week, a high-producing agent from another office leaned back in his chair and asked me, “What if I can’t produce this year like I did last year?”


If you’re anything like this agent or me (i.e. human), you’ve probably had a brush with this fear or anxiety. For REALTORS®, it’s likely to show up at the beginning of the year as production levels restart. If you’re feeling it now and it’s got you stuck in unproductive patterns, it’s important you do something about it right away.


First, talk about it. A wise person once told me that painful feelings don’t just go away; unless talked about, they go down to the basement and lift weights. I get it—the idea of talking about it can be uncomfortable. But talking to someone you trust who won’t dismiss your fears (a therapist if need be) is one of the best ways to snuff out the power of fear and anxiety.


As you talk about it, speak truth to yourself. What does it tell you about yourself that you’ve produced at a high level before? Or if you’re new to real estate, what do your past successes say about your ability to engage in disciplined and focused hard work? Most importantly, what’s deeply meaningful to you about this work and the level of production you desire?


Next, focus on what’s in your control. Recap on the specific things you did that were instrumental to your past success. Think first about lead generation, then how you won listings, and then what leverage you used ( like the systems, structures and people you surround yourself with). Also in your control are the people you’re influenced by and the environment in which you work. Make sure you’re surrounded by the best, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly your best will emerge.


Are you interested in getting real, seeing things clearly, and discovering your options without pressure, like that agent I talked about earlier? Let’s grab lunch.