Rockford Office


The Rockford office is home to a variety of agents, all at various levels of experience.  Shared meals and experiences are very common here - the office is really more like a family. Mentorship and nurturing careers is key for every member of the team in our Rockford office. Our resources allow you to focus on what really matters each day in your career.

Office Manager


Gary Raska

Gary Raska began his real estate career largely upon the recommendation of Steve Fase. Upon beginning with Prudential, Gary forged his own path towards a highly successful career an agent, and was fast to key into the industry as a whole. With previous experience buying and flipping properties, he thrived in his new opportunity, and quickly fostered lasting and meaningful relationships through the sales of real estate. He soon achieve the success of becoming Associate Broker and Manager for the Rockford, MI office, where he works today.

Working for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Gary is energized daily by the fact that no two work-days are the same. He finds a majority of his motivation from his ability to help people meet and surpass their own goals. Whether Gary is working with agents, buyers, or sellers, he lives to see individuals reach their full potential.

When searching for an ideal agent, Gary seeks out self-starters who have the persistence to find every opportunity, and leave no stone unturned. He cites that the support from family and peers is often one of the most impactful variables to an agent’s success, and regularly advocates the importance of this on a daily basis.

With his focus on the future, Gary sees the fact that BHHS is a full service brokerage as one the significant benefits to agents; from title to home insurance, BHHS offers everything required in a single one stop shop. He believes that almost anyone is capable of selling a house, but what sets BHHS agents apart is the ability to implement cutting edge tools and techniques that will develop into a well rounded Realtor.